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Making the special day extra special!

Here at Hazeldines we love going the extra mile for our customers, it’s amazing to have a person come in and leave with a huge smile on their face!

One of latest requests was no exception. Karl and Emma have been planning their wedding day for a while and came to us with a fantastic request.  They wanted to have a wedding pork pie for their reception!

This task was no easy feat for our bakery team and they were ready to get stuck in to make this monster pie for the big day. After a small plan was devised the team set to work preparing the meat with all the seasoning, getting the warm water pastry ready and finding the tin big enough to cook this jumbo pie.

After all was set into motion the pie was ready and just needed the final touches, after some hearts were added all that was needed was the little personal touch. We cut the names of Karl and Emma out of pastry and placed them on top of the pie to give it that extra special feel!

Once the pie was cooked we set about taking the pictures and letting the happy couple know their pie was ready to collect. Karl and Emma collected the pie and were extremely happy with the result!

Here is the finished product!

  From all of us here at Hazeldines Butchers & Bakers we hope you had a fantastic day and this special pie gave a personal touch at the reception!

If you have want to have a bespoke pie made for a family occasion please come and visit us in Hazel Grove or drop us a phone call on 0161 483 2334 and ask to be put through to our amazing bakery staff!







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