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Traditional Butcher

Traditional Butcher

Hazeldines Butchers has long since been known as a traditional family butcher. To the locals of Hazel Grove and Stockport, Hazeldines has become part of the furniture with people coming from far and wide to visit us in store.

One of the main reasons, or so we like to think, is that traditional butchery is meat packsdying out across Great Britain, with huge conglomerates and supermarket giants taking over. With their never ending need for greed and squeezing margins, is it any wonder the quality is what they choose to sacrifice. Well not at Hazeldines, oh no! We pride ourselves on being real, we are traditional butchers, still family run, now on our third generation with Simon at the helm. Lots of other online butchers are faceless and nameless working out of massive warehouses, but it is important to us that our customers see us as people and know our history. We are still here and you are all welcome to come and visit us on the high street in a real bricks and mortar shop anytime!

The Original Traditional Butchers WrapWe are really proud of the fact that we listen to our customers, which might not mean very much but we actually adapt and change to make our customers happy which we hope does. Market trends were changing at the time in the UK, with the country coming out of a double dip recession, customers were becoming more aware of their purse strings but not wanting to compromise on quality.

Simon, the big boss, came up with the idea of offering a meat forSimon at Hazeldines of Hazel Grove the week pack. Just as they used to do in traditional butchers in times gone by where a young butcher would receive a “butchers wrap up” as part payment for a weeks work. Low and behold the Butchers Wrap®  was born.

At Hazeldines, we are very proud to be the original home of the Butchers Wrap® , a weeks worth of meat all wrapped up for just £20. The meat for the week deal started with us, and lots of others have tried to copy since then but we are the original and the best, often copied, never bettered! So forget the imitations and purchase the best meat online

The Butcher’s Wrap® includes all of the following -:

2 x 6oz (170 grams) Gammon Steaks
2 x 6oz (170 grams) Chicken Breast Fillets
2 x 6oz (170 grams) Pork Loin Steaks
1 x 8oz (225 grams) Lean Beef Braising Steak
1 x 1lb (454 grams) Lean Minced Steak
1 x .75lb (340 grams) Sliced Back Bacon
1 x .75lb (340 grams) Pork Sausages
2 x Burgers

All for just £22!

Hazeldines Online Butchers UKHazeldines recently launched this website, allowing customers to click and collect their purchases as well as having their quality meat delivered. Our delivery service now covers all of the UK, so wherever you are you don’t need to sacrifice on quality meat. Being an online butcher means you can now have meat delivered to either your home or work place on a Next Working Day delivery service for just £7.95 postage and packaging. Online fresh meat orders are sent in specialised insulated containers with plenty of ice packs to keep the meat chilled so you can easily split it as everything is suitable for home freezing.

As always we value your feedback, so once you’ve ordered please feel free to let us know what your favourite was! And don’t forget to try our other wraps born from the Butchers Wrap®!